Kitesurfing Mirns – The Netherlands

Kitesurfing Mirns

Mirns – The Netherlands

This page will tell you all about kitesurfing Mirns.

Kitesurfing Mirns – summary

The biggest artificial lake in The Netherlands was created in 1932 with the name IJsselmeer. Mirns is one of the villages located at the 1100 square meter lake. The spot is situated in south part of Friesland which makes it one of the closest IJsselmeer spots from cities like Utrecht, Zwolle and Amsterdam. It is one of the view kitespots in The Netherlands which is perfect with wind from the East. The water is shallow over a large surface. This means there is plenty of space to kitesurf safely at Mirns. It also means that the spot attracts a lot of beginners. The spot is also pleasing for advanced riders, because of the flat water and the constant wind. In the back there are some sandbanks which create some small waves.

There is a large grassfield to rig your kites. A part of the grassfield is forbidden for kitesurfers, because it is reserved for people who like to enjoy the environment. This means it can get pretty crowded with kites on the (kite)beach. There is a restaurant located right in front of the kitespot. Sitting on the terrace of this restaurant gives you a beautiful view over the water and the kitebeach.

Enjoy your time kitesurfing this beautiful spot!

Spot characteristics

Rating: 8
Beginner rating:    8
Best wind directions:   East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West
Launch area:   Grassfield (can get really busy)
Water surface:   Flat / small chop
Type of water:   Freshwater lake
Comments:   Awesome spot, but can be crowded on sunny days and wind from the east.

Best months to visit

August, October, November, December, January, February, March

Weather information

Shortterm forecast
Het weer en regenradar
Mirns – Meer weer in Altijd jouw weer

Weather statistics

Live webcam

Are you interested in what is going on right now on the beach in Mirns? Check out these webcam pages:

Best places to go

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Shops and rentals

How to get there?

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Spot photos

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Enjoy your time kitesurfing Mirns!

3 thoughts on “Kitesurfing Mirns – The Netherlands

  1. I attended a beginners kite surfing course 2 years ago on the Ijsselmeer, and want to continue to learn for 1 week from 15.07.2019. I have a motor home, and do not want to go to a camping place. Where can I learn and camp free?

  2. I attended a basic kite surfing course last year, and want to continue again with assistance.
    Can you recommend some kite surfing schools, where I can use my Motor Home,
    without paying expensive camping place prices?
    Where can I look for 1 year old kite surfing equipment?

  3. Hi Bob, good to hear that you attented a kitesurfing course and want to continue this year. There are several schools in the area. Kitemobile is a school which I would advice you to contact. Otherwise Skyhigh would be an option. Both schools have a lot of experience and know the area very well.

    Camping in the public area is not allowed in The Netherlands, so I wouldn’t know a place to camp without being on a campsite. There is a campsite next door of the kitespot Mirns, but if you really don’t want to stay on a campsite, you might succeed if you ask a local farmer to camp on his ground. Another option would be a ‘nature campsite’ which are often situated in the most beautiful areas and can be quite cheap. You can view the website via this link.

    Have a good trip! Kind regards Joey

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