Plan your travel – How to do it in a fun way

Plan your travel

How do you plan your travel?

Nowadays there are so many ways to book or to plan your travel experience. A lot of websites make this so easy, that there is no fun in planning ‘your’ travel anymore. Step up, and be the owner of your own trip! Do you already know where you are going? Active Travelmap will share some fun methods of planning your own adventure trip and creating your own travelmap.

1. Buy a paper map from the region or country you want to visit. This map will help you to visualize the distances between places you might want to visit. A simple paper map will give you much information about the area, and it is better than looking at a screen right? If you like to do it the digital way, you can download Google Earth or use websites like to draw your digital map.

2. Use books, Google, TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, other travellers etcetera to draw your favourite locations on the (paper) map.

3. Use the internet to get additional information about the area, so you can draw it on your own map. Google Maps  or Bing Maps will to look for airports, harbours or highways, to find out where and how you might arrive.

4. So now you know the hotspots and you know how to get there. Make a list with different possible routes and stops.

5. Based on the length in between stops and the activities during the stop, you can determine how long you want to stay on the different locations.

6. This is where it starts to get tough.. You dont have enough time to see everything or some activities are hard to combine.. No worries, skip a location, change your route or extend your trip!

If you need some inspiriation for active travel spots to plan your travel, than check out the Active Travelmap here.

Have fun discovering!

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