How to launch a kite?

How to launch a kite

Do you know how to launch a kite?

Active Travelmap will give you a quick guide on kite launching. Always make sure that you take lessons before you start with the sport of kitesurfing. This page is just refresh your skills on how to launch a kite!

How to launch a kite guide

The technique of launching a kite can be divided in different steps. The steps are show on the photo below and written down below:

  1. Make sure your kitebar is in the basic position, with the left side of the bar (red side) on the left side.
    In the photo the lady is pulling on the right side of the bar, so the right line is on top. The kite will slowly slide to the edge of the windwindow.
  2. While pulling softly on the right side of the bar, the kite will move to the left edge of the windwindow. The reason you do this, is to get the kite out of the powerzone. The powerzone has the most power right in front of you on 6 o’clock, so we want to prevent the kite from pulling us after launching it.
  3. Try to turn your kite to an upward position by pulling a bit more. Make sure you do this when the kite is at the edge of the windwindow. Do not tangle the lines around your fingers! Depending on the windspeed, the powerzone will be bigger or smaller. The more wind, the easier it is to launch your kite. If there is less wind, it might help to launch your kite a bit more towards the powerzone.
  4. Slowly launch the kite and reach out for the bar. For some kites it can be helpful to start with one or two hands on the bar when launching.
  5. When your kite is up, steer the kite along the edge of the windwindow to twelve o’clock.

Ofcourse this was about launching a kite when you are already on the water. Interested in how to launch a kite when you are still on the land? Check out the video below or read more on the website of Surfertoday.

Practice safe and have fun learning!

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