Kitesurfing in light gusty winds ‘guide’

kitesurfing in light gusty winds

Do you get frustrated when you are kitesurfing in light gusty winds?

Tthis page will tell you how to deal with kitesurfing in light gusty winds. If you don’t know the small tricks, it can be really annoying since you won’t stay up wind in light gusty winds.

How to prevent going downwind

If you want to keep your next session fun and useful, try this:

1. Read the wind for its gusts and holes. In many cases the gusts will appear on the same locations. This can be because of tall buildings or trees far upwind of your position. Use these ‘standard’ gusts to go upwind and prevent yourself from struggling in a hole where there is no wind. As soon as you know where the gusts are, this will help you to boost your jumping big time!

2. Constantly check the direction of your riding. Gusty winds tend to change their directions all the time, because of obstacles and or the change of weather which happens constantly. The changing directions can work eather positive or negative on your upwind riding. Choose to ride over that side or shoulder which works positive on your upwind riding. Aim for a specific point in the distance. Once you know how the wind behaves, you can create your own reference point. If you are unable to kite towards your reference point, you need to switch the side of riding.

3. Take a break in the water when the wind is really light. If you have the luxury to stand in the water, than stop and stand still. This will prevent you from going downwind for no reason. There is no fun in riding without wind, so why should you continue? Keep your kite up at all times. As soon as the wind picks up, jump on your board and continue riding!

4. Always check the forecast before you go out for a session. Websites like Windfinder and Windguru tell you about the windspeed, but also about the gusts compared to the average windspeed.

Have fun kitesurfing! Bored on you local spot? Check out the Active Travelmap to find your new homespot!

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